In some circumstances, it’s a great idea to let the product do the talking, widow tins supply you with two uses of being containment of your product and also acts as a display. Window tins are supplied in different varieties to suit any product. Depending on the dimensions and properties of the product bases what tin you should pick.

The Purpose Of Window Tins

Window tins not only display the items inside, they also assist the consumer in knowing how full the container actually is. Some designs have a thin window from top to bottom of the container which acts as a measuring device for the contents inside.

The Box’s window tins come in a much bigger unique variety of shapes, with various cylinders, boxes, spherical and flat tins. Some designs have their windows situated on the lid tops of the tins.

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Uses For Window Tins

Depending on your product is where you will want the window situated. Solids like sugar would be well suited to the cylinders with long windows from top to bottom. On the other hand, smaller consumables like mints, boiled sweets and biscuits are better suited for the flatter, rounder window tins.

Window tins are great products for suppliers of kitchen containers. The sanitary, neat and structured look along with the use in measuring and presenting stock through window tins makes them very desirable for this market.