Traditional Tea Tins

When hunting for the perfect contribution to containing the most Iconic British beverage, you’re customer’s searching ends here with the amazing, stylish tea caddie range. Supplied The Box’s production of tin products comes these highly sophisticated and overwhelmingly elegant designs, which act as a helpful appliance in safely storing a common British commodity. Tea caddies are an extremely helpful tool not only for their compact containment, but also for their sanitary material and robust structure.

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Variety Of Tea Caddies

The tea caddies are manufactured in various shapes and colours, such as plain silver cube containers. or rounded tins. with white, black or gold coating. This choice allows your consumer to have more options when applying the caddies to their home. For a more advanced tea caddie which upgrades your customers experience, there is a rounded tea caddie with a hinged lid which allows a tighter security of the contents. There is even a plain silver 6 selection tin where the consumer can categorise different breeds of tea in to multiple sections, this container also being accompanied with a hinged lid.

Why Buy From Us

The featured tea caddies are provided in different sizes also, making it easier for consumers to adjust to how much space they need for their product. Having a variety of different designs handy for the customer may also encourage people to buy multiple types for a set collection to contain various teas. Taking advantage of The Box’s wholesale bulk buying helps you to stock up on different tea caddies for a cheaper price. Whilst making it easier to attract more people with a diverse scale of design choices.

Last orders for delivery before Christmas are 20th December 2023.   Our offices and warehouse are closed from 21st December 2023 until 02nd January 2024.  All orders received after 20th December will be shipped on our return.  We thank all our customer for your business in 2023 and from everyone at The Box UK, we wish you a very happy Christmas and a successful and profitable 2024.