Cake tins

Baking is an ever growing business that shows no sign of ever declining in progression throughout society. If your company holds a place in the booming industry of baked goods, then there is no better way to take advantage of The Box’s wholesale deal than to invest in their cake tin containers. Much like The Box UK’s stylish, shaped tins, the cake tins hold a shape irresistible to any industry of home making baker.
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The Box’s cake Tins

The Box UK’s cake tins are displayed in many diverse designs for all sorts of scenarios. The cake tins are supplied in both plain silver and white coating depending on your appetite for presentation. With the plain silver offering a gleaming, dazzling shine and the white glaze offering creamy and smooth, the choice is given to you on what you think works best. Whether selling the tins with company cakes or selling just the tins in to the industry with branding, the tins hold a gorgeous presence within every bakery situation for their fabulous design.

A Wide Range Of Tins

The cake tins are shaped in either rounded cylinders or small boxes for whatever you require, passing the freedom to you once again. Cake tins not only parade the delightful creations in all their amazing glory but also withholds the warmth of passion and artistry inside the walls of a freshly constructed, secure carrying tin.

Last orders for delivery before Christmas are 20th December 2023.   Our offices and warehouse are closed from 21st December 2023 until 02nd January 2024.  All orders received after 20th December will be shipped on our return.  We thank all our customer for your business in 2023 and from everyone at The Box UK, we wish you a very happy Christmas and a successful and profitable 2024.