Unique Printed Tins

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Moving past conventional colours and plain material surfaces. Printed tins have the homely, personal touch when it comes to packaging. Although colours and plain containment are perfect for subtlety. And allow products to speak for themselves. The printed tins from The Box UK trade subtlety for dazzling designs that elevate an item in presentation and usefulness. Printed tins not only offer a bigger choice to your consumer, but also contains your stock with more specific packaging. Suiting it for a more targeted audience.

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The Benefits Of Buying Printed Tins

Printed tins cater a touch of artistry that is necessary for consumers to be interested and invested in your manufactured goods. Printed tins have longer shelf lives as they hold sophistication that most households wish to keep. This keeps the tins useful once all the produce packaged within is dealt with. The tins come in different rounded box designs with a large variety of colour combinations.

The extended use of a printed tin after its initial use is great advertisement power that lasts beyond consumption of a product. For if a customer holds on to the packaging then the item still manifests in the consumers life even after usage. Their continued usage of the tin opens up more possibilities of exposure for your company.

Cylinder Black Tins

Using The Box’s print services will allow you to construct the best form of tin that fits your companies brand requirements and personal niche. The Box UK’s track record of high professional print work and tin wholesale manufacturing, makes them the ideal company to get your packaging a printed identity.

Last orders for delivery before Christmas are 20th December 2023.   Our offices and warehouse are closed from 21st December 2023 until 02nd January 2024.  All orders received after 20th December will be shipped on our return.  We thank all our customer for your business in 2023 and from everyone at The Box UK, we wish you a very happy Christmas and a successful and profitable 2024.