Personalised tins with your branding / logo from our stock range

We can personalise all our stock tins to offer you a unique branded tin.

Our minimum order for personalised tins is only 250 pieces meaning you don’t have to have the commitment of buying thousands of tins. Our lead time of only 3 weeks from receipt of artwork means you get your tins quickly but don’t sacrifice quality.

Our services:

Flatbed Printing:

Suitable for any flat surface, flatbed printing offers a professional solution to creating any brand or message onto a tin. The finish is professional and permanent. From a minimum order of 250 we can add any text or simple design onto a tin that meets your needs.

This is our most cost-effective method of personalising your tin and is a great option for any business that wants to give a clear message to their customers.


Labelling a tin is a great option if you’ve got a lot of detail, colour or artwork you want applied to your tin. From a minimum order of 250, we can work with you to decide the right type of label for your tin that gets your messages across clearly.

All labelled tins come fully completed, there is no assembly at your end. All tins come with labels already applied and ready for you to pack your products.

Screen printing:

Screen printing is a quick, easy and cost-effective way of getting your brand on the tin. The process offers a permanent solution with a fast and professional result.

Customer Feedback and Examples:

Personalising our stock tins is our most frequently used service. And it’s no surprise as we consistently delight and exceed our customer’s expectations on what we can deliver.

Below are a few examples of the work we have carried out:

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