From spices to notes, to cakes and consumables, our square silver tins are the ideal way to store all manner of objects and foodstuffs. Available in boxes of 24, starting from as little as £0.37p per tin, our square silver tins are not only quality but affordably priced too, leaving you with more room to spend elsewhere or save.

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A Wide Range Of Silver Tins

Silver has become incredibly popular over the years. Not only does this metal look amazing, be it on display on a mantelpiece or shelf or tucked away for safe keeping but it also possesses some fabulous qualities that make it ideal for storing food and cosmetics. Silver is non-toxic and antibacterial. This means whatever you store in your square silver tins will remain as was when you placed it in there. Unlike plastics, which can often seep into liquids and foods, silver remains clean and ensures the product contained within it does too.

A Wide Range Of Sized Tins

Our square silver tins are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from spice pots with large inner lids to large dispenser tins with hinged lids for easy access to what lies inside. Our tins have been crafted with expert hands, offering both hinged and ship lids and are available to buy in bulk. The number of tins in each collection varies with each tin. For more information on our square silver tins, be sure to contact us today.