We are want to ensure our tins arrive undamaged and in beautiful condition to our customers, this is why how they are packaged is important to us. Currently to protect our tins, each one is wrapped in a small, thin plastic sheet. This makes sure the tins don't bump into each other in transit causing scratches or marks. Whilst we want to make sure our tins remain protected we are also very conscious of the impact our business has on the environment. Therefore, from today we will no longer manufacture our tins with plastic protection but with a new recycled paper solution. This means that our customers, once they have received the tins can recycle all of the packaging it arrives in. To ensure we meet our customer demands on short timescales we hold a large quantity of stock in our warehouse. Therefore, we are working through this existing stock and predict that all orders from the new year will have the new packaging. We're really proud of this move towards a more environmentally friendly business and that our tin packaging will still arrived protected and ready for our customers to use.