We are really pleased to tell everyone we have a brand new product available...the 15ml slip lid tin. This tin packaging is a perfect tin box for all lip balms, beard balms and cosmetic products. Much like our screw lid tin the finish is a shiny silver that looks sleek and professional creating a perfect blank surface for your branding on the lid. The great thing about the slip lid on the tin packaging is that there is a slight indentation on the lid which prevents the lid from falling off during transportation or display. This keeps your product safe in your future customer's handbags, pockets or cupboards. This is a great tin packaging option for not only cosmetics but for our customers who make personalised and bespoke gifts. This tin packaging can safely hold jewelry, dog tags, christmas decorations/mementos. We're really pleased that we're able to offer this tin box as a new alternative to our existing range following the feedback we've had from our customers. The tin boxes come in packs of 100 and they are ready in stock for your order. We know you are going to love these little tin boxes as much as we do. All of our deliveries go out within 48 hours so they will be with you in plenty of time for any Christmas stock you may have coming to the shelves shortly. Available from our website here https://theboxuk.co.uk/100-x-plain-silver-round-tin-with-slip-lid-43x18mm-pl386-0-24p-per-tin