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Monopol Cognac

This cognac is a product of beauty, one that is clear in flavor taking on average 3.5 years to mature.

Rightly so, Monopol wanted bespoke tin packaging that was classic and simple, letting the product speak for itself.

Their brief was to ensure the tin box had a flip flush lid and a perforated holder inside to secure the product.

The design had to include embossing and simple bold colours that aligned to their branding guidelines.

The result was an elegant, matt black, embossed rectangular tin with clear branding.

Sizl spices

For their launch, Sizl wanted a full range of custom tins for each of their spices.

Each tin had to have a unique colour to allow the spice to be recognized easily on the shelf.

A window on each round tin so the spices could be seen by the customer.

Their branding and all ingredients needed to be clearly displayed for ease of repeat purchases and all allergens identified.

The result was a beautiful, clear and tempting range of tin packaging to display the array of spices.

E. H. Booth & Co

Booths is a family business who pride themselves on selling the best food and drink available, in attractive stores, using local producers wherever possible.

As a family business ourselves we were delighted to receive the brief from Booths to create tin packaging for one of their most delicious products, hot chocolate flakes.

The tin packaging had to have a sealed clip lid to protect the product and a design that was equally as sumptuous as their drinking chocolate.

The final design was a tall round tin in a deep chocolate colour simply displaying the Booths logo.

A tin box good enough to eat.

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