Personalized Tins

We often get customers calling us asking for personalized options of our tin packaging but not sure which option to go with. As one of the leading tin manufacturers in the UK (and in our opinion the best) we understand that getting your tin packaging right is important for the final impression of your product. We always work closely with our customers to make sure that the result meets their needs.

Personalizing a stock wholesale tin is a great way to put your branding on your tin packaging without a huge minimum order quantity. We produce personalized tin boxes for a MOQ of 250 units.

We thought we’d share our recommendations having worked with 100s of customers over the years on their aluminum and tin boxes.

First of all, have a think about the below:


1. Which one of our stock tins do you want to personalize?

2. How much detail do you want to put onto your tin packaging?

3. How many colours do you want in your design?

4. Is it important to you that the whole of the tin box is covered?

5. How big is the tin you’re are using and how will that impact the design?

Now you’ve got a couple of answers here’s our recommendations:


Printing on our tin packaging looks best with simple logos or designs. Usually in 1-5 colours, printing is the most effective when you want to use the tin as the background and layover a design.

We can print on all our aluminum tins and tin packaging on our website.

Printing is also a very cost-effective way of personalizing your tin packaging.