About The Box UK

The Box are global manufacturers and suppliers of tin boxes and tin packaging for a diverse range of tin products.

We have been manufacturing tin packaging and for over 15 years and have BRC accredited manufacturing facilities in China and Europe with a dedicated and professional sales, marketing and logistics management team at our offices in the UK.

We manufacture for most major brands and retailers.

As experienced tin manufacturers, we offer a comprehensive service from concept to delivery for all your tin packaging requirements.

Placing an Order?

Bespoke tin products and metal boxes can be designed and developed for quantities of only 3000 units.

At The Box we recognise not all customers can hold or need to buy wholesale tins in quantities of 3000 or more, so we have a range of stock tins that can be ordered in small quantities. All our stock tin boxes are available for immediate delivery and typically we can ship your tin products on the same day of order.

A History of Tin Boxes and Tin Packaging

The original concept of packaging products in tin cans dates back to 1795 when Napoleon Bonaparte offered a prize of 12,000 francs for anyone who could invent a method of preserving food unspoiled over distance and time. Nicolas Appert invented the method of preserving food in an air tight container and was awarded the prize in 1810. This was the birth and the beginning of Tin manufacturing. Fellow Frenchman Pierre Durand (aka Peter Durand) was granted a patent in 1810 from King George 3rd for the idea of preserving food and fashion items of storage from Tinplate. The benefit was Tinplate could be sealed and made airtight but could not be broken like glass. The earliest tin manufacturing of tins was laborious and made by hand. Iron was pounded into sheets and dipped into molten tin. Theses sheets were cut into parts and ends and either hammered into shape or bent into a die while seams and ends were soldered. This was an extremely skilful process with even the most experienced Tin Maker, making only 10 tins per day. Over the past centuries tins were used to preserve and store many different commodities such as tea, coffee, tobacco, spices, chocolate and snuff because of their airtight seals that guaranteed freshness.

As the massive media was not available to the degree we have today Tins were actively used to promote brands and their contents and give a unique advantage at point of sale. Tins still offer this luxurious and higher perceived value than most other packaging formats and Tins unlike plastic or cardboard are re used time and time again so a great vehicle to ensure brands are constantly in the consumers cupboards.

Tin packaging manufacturing has changed immensely over the years but one thing has not Tin packaging and Tin boxes are an excellent vehicle for promoting brands and offering a different proposition at point of sale where 68% of the consumers make their final decision what product to purchase. Tins are rarely thrown away once the consumer has consumed the contents. Tins are re-used for storage and brands can continue to be in the consumer’s memory for longer than most other packaging concepts.

So why Tin Packaging & Tin Boxes?

  • Tins add value at point of sale
  • Tins (Your brand) are re-used
  • 68% of consumers make their final choice at point of sale
  • Tins can be made in every shape and style
  • Shapes do not have to be read but communicate your product instantly
  • Tins add value to brands and perceived quality to the consumer

All our stock products can be personalised using labels, embossing or printing and we can manage and organise all of this for you. We can also deliver your personalised tins with your own label direct to you.

If you need any further information about our stock tins or if you are looking to create a bespoke tin, then please do not hesitate to call our sales team or fill out the contact form below.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website,

The Box UK

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